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If you can look at that picture without singing Whitney Houston softly to yourself while imagining yourself at a romantic candlelight dinner with the jesus, i'll give you $1.57. Seriously, i frickin dare you.

Sometimes i forget i have a blog, and a duty to sensually thrill your audial and occular capacities. do forgive. it's football season.

i figured i'd post with just a few new-ish bands i've been somewhat digging lately, and of course a track of the week. none of this stuff will be really surprising, but it's all good and people should listen to it.

first is Rock Central Plaza, featuring a few members of Neutral Milk, which is of course evident in the music. Here's a great new tracked called "My Children Will Be Joyful".

next is Annuals, who matter of factly open for Tapes N Tapes this very evening at Cafe Eleven in St. Auggie. No I will not be attending, despite partially wanting to in order to check out this band. maybe next time. They're the new craze, but one that actually warrants a listen. Here's "Dry Clothes"

then we have a jesus favorite, Larkin Grimm, who has a new album out called "The Last Tree"...can't wait to hear the whole thing as "Harpoon" was one of the favs of last year. This track is called "Link In Your Chain"

finally, the track of the week, which is in honor of what should be one of the shows of the year, next friday, again at Cafe Eleven...the wondermongous, splendifiraneous Mountain Goats. A perfect track from a perfect album, "No Children"

g'day kids, and do stay clear of the world's biggest cockswing party, it could get ugly.


It's instrumental day on the Jesus! Glory hallelou!

There's a fine art to making verseless tunes that still hold the interest in these days of short attention spans, and these folks have it down pat.

A Hundred Thousand - Cowboys From Hell Pt. II - this band, on Threespheres Records, which is a truly awesome mini-label featuring several great bands, only has one EP under their belt. Let's hope for more. This track is along the lines of instrumental Meat Puppets stuff.

Meat Puppets - Aurora Borealis - speaking of the Puppets...this is one of my favorite instrumental tracks ever...and Magic Toy Missing off the same album.

Glenn Branca - Lesson No. 2 - an astounding influential but unknown guitarist, Branca fueled the Sonic Youth sound, which in turn fueled a generation of indie musicians. This is off the great album "The Ascension." Branca chose to spend most of his career composing symphonies for guitar...would have loved to hear more rock ala Lesson No. 2 from him.

Stephen R. Smith - Kilim and Dirt - this is the now guitarist. member of the disbanded Mizra, Thuja, Hala Strana, and various other Jewelled Antler Collective projects. his guitar tone and sound is hypnotic and gorgeous.

The Anaksimandros - The Bones - just to throw us all off the guitar kick, here's the Finnish band Anaksimandros with my favorite track off their debut album "River of Finland." Great percussion and weird instrumentation as is typical of those wacky Finns.


a bright sunshiny day

Go see Little Miss Sunshine. You'll laugh, you'll cry. you'll generally emote all over yourself.

I haven't posted any tracks in a while so I thought i'd do so forthwith and without haste. this is just a few tracks i've been digging like a hole to china lately. and one bonus, the "track o' the week" which i will post every week that i remember or am not suffering from blogophobia...

Colossal Yes - Just Like a Mademoiselle - not a huge fan of the album, but this is a great track.

Lavendar Diamond - In Heaven There Is No Heat - not well informed on their tuneage, but this one is nice moves.

Joanna Newsom - Cosmia (live) - can not wait to hear the VDP'd version of this song. glorious. en excelsis deo.

Six Organs of Admittance - Assyrian Blood - great track from a Jesus favorite off a split 7" with Om who's track should not be overlooked either.

and, without further ado, the track of the week.....
Sebadoh - Hassle - because it's just plain awesome and probably my favorite Sebadoh track of all times.


take dictation...

possible shows for Marquette Beekeepers Society to attend:

9/12 - Blood Mtn @ Yesterdays (John Cage Tribute)
9/29 - The Roots @ Plush(???)
10/5 - Xiu Xiu @ Common Grounds
10/14 - Wolf Eyes w/ John Wiese @ TSI
10/16 - Man Man @ Cafe Eleven
11/4 - Mountain Goats @ Cafe Eleven

end dictation.


rocking for diversity...

oh and thanks to the Yusge for absolutely rocking my socks completely off at S.O.D. 2006::: definitely check these dudes out if you haven't already...they are sort of a cross between Don Caballero and Lightning Bolt...which is a gizz-inducing description if i do say so myself.

updated::::top 20 of the year

20. Ahleuchatistas - What You Will
19. MV & EE with Bummer Road - Mother of Thousands
18. Mogwai - Mr. Beast
17. Vetiver - To Find Me Gone
16. James Blackshaw - O True Believers
15. Nalle - By Chance Upon Waking
14. Beirut - Gulag Orkestar
13. Boris - Pink
12. First Nation - s/t
11. Pumice - Yeahnahvienna
10. The Roots - Game Theory
9. Om - Conference of the Birds
8. Mountain Goats - Get Lonely
7. Bonnie Prince Billy - Then The Letting Go
6. Califone - Roots & Crowns
5. Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea
4. Six Organs of Admittance - The Sun Awakens
3. Liars - Drums Not Dead
2. TV on the Radio - Return to Cookie Mountain
1. Destroyer - Destroyer's Rubies

tell the Jesus yours...


the roots

they never let me down.

i promised you all a track yesterday...here's one of my favorites off the upcoming album Game Theory....
Living In A New World

also, here's a new track from the savage beasties known as Om...it's part of a split with the aforementioned Current 93...
Rays of the Sun/To the Shrinebuilder

and just cause i'm feeling All Golden inside, here's a couple of Van Dyke Parks tracks...the man's a mad scientist.
All Golden (from 1968's Song Cycle)
The Four Mills Brothers (from 1972's Discover America)